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65.22m (213í98î) | 2009 Trident become launched from the royal van lent backyard in may also 2009. With interior and outside styling by way of donald starkey and naval architecture by means of de voogt, she blends a traditional feadship flared bow with present day touches inclusive of semicircular extensions with glass bulwarks at the aft decks. Her indoors blends distinct woods and marbles with white and high-gloss finishes. The ownerís suite includes a full-beam master stateroom, even as another 12 guests are accommodated in seven equally high-priced suites. Tridentís essential characteristic is an remarkable carry, reputedly encased within a block of walnut travertine that allows visitors to tour up through the entire yacht to the solar deck. She is featured in extent 24 of the superyachts. Builder: feadship

naval architecture: de voogt naval architects outside styling & indoors layout: donald starkey / de voogt naval architects